Засранец Лис
May the Force serve you

In the ship, after a conversation with the Darth Zash.

I am your ancestor, Kallig,
whose nightmare you ended when
you first began your rise to power.

Lord Kallig: Flesh of my flesh. Listen to me. I cannot linger long. It takes too much out of me to appear here. But I must warn you. Your master, Darth Zash, is plotting something. Whatever it is can mean nothing good for you.

Taiten: Zash would never hurt me.

Lord Kallig: You are naive. I have seen Zash making her preparations. She's taken two new apprentices, a boy named Kaal and girl named Corrin. She's been sending them into the Dark Temple - presumably to confirm that I am gone.

Taiten: I hope you killed them.

Lord Kallig: I considered killing these intruders, but I heard them speak of Zash and her desire that the chamber be secure for her work. Soon enough, Zash herself appeared. She comes every day now studying the place and performing rituals. You are in danger.

Taiten: What kind of rituals?

Lord Kallig: Minor ones. Preparetions for something bigger. Zash knows your weaknesses. You must prepare yourself. An enterprising Sith Lord on Korriban has uncovered a piece of my old armor, my mask. It will protect you against Zash's onslaught. The Sith Lord's compound overlooks the tombs. Go. Claim it. Guard yourself against Zash's attack.

Taiten: I trust you will let me know if anything else develops.

Lord Kallig: I cannot guarantee when I will be able to speak with you again. As I said, it is difficult for me to visit you. But I will continue to watch over my chamber in the temple, conserving my energy for when I learn something more.

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