Засранец Лис
May the Force serve you

Довелось мне тут поработить один из культов на планете-городе Нар Шаддаа. Став его лидером, сделала своим заместителем бывшего лидера культа, предварительно дав ему пару не хилых оплеух вибромечом. И теперь этот парень, Лорд Паладиус, шлёт мне письма о том, как вербует жителей планеты в мои ряды.

Message #1.
From: Lord Paladius.
Subject: A threat to the cult.

It took some investigating, but I finally figured out how you engineered that "miracle" of yours. Rigging explosives to simulate a ground quake? Clever, my lord.
I may have to resort to similar theatrics. One of the more powerful gangs on Nar Shaddaa is threatening to topple our glorious cult.
You needn't worry, though. I've faced many would-be usurpers and I've crushed them all.
Well, almost all, my lord.

Message #2.
From: Lord Paladius.
Subject: The Screaming Blade cult.

You were wise to leave me in charge of your cult, my lord--our numbers have nearly doubled since you left.
We've had a few "incidents" with some of the local gangs, but the strenght of our numbers and the righteousness of our cause have swayed their heats time after time. Mark my words, we'll have the denizens of Nar Shaddaa chanting your name soon enough!

Message #3.
From: Lord Paladius.
Subject: Miracle mishap.

You'll be happy to know that the malefactors threatening your cult have been dealt with, my lord. All it took was a proper show of power.
I attempted to simulate a groundquake, as you did, and claimed that I was "channeling the master's boundless power." However, I made a SLIGHT miscalculation--and leveled an entire neighborhood.
Fortunately, most of the gang members were killed in the ensuing carnage. While that wasn't quite the intended effect, I believe the end result is satisfactory.
I don't foresee anyone else opposing us for a long, long time.

Да, подумаешь, что уровнял целый район. Он же демонстрировал силу своего повелителя! Кстати, Паладиус, как оказывается, неплохо умеет пресмыкаться. :-D

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