SWtOR: Conversation with Granddaddy. Part 3.

Засранец Лис
May the Force serve you

In the ship, after a travel to Dromund Kaas.

You strength will rise
and shake the Sith.
I feel it!

Lord Kallig: My child. Your power has grown since we last met. You strength will rise and shake the Sith. I feel it! Now O have another gift for you - one that was dearer to me than even my life. My own lightsaber. Until now, lost to me... but through your great power in the Force, I have found it. You must claim it.

Taiten: So where do I find this lightsaber?

Lord Kallig: I entrusted it to my faithful retainer, Jonas Escalus, the only servant who didn't betray me when Tulak Hord moved against me. He swore he and his heirs would keep it safe until the time that my heir would return to claim it. His heir is on Nar Shaddaa, working in one of the casinos ther. Her name is Mila Escalus. Go to her and claim your inheritance.

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