Засранец Лис
May the Force serve you

From: Jaesa Willsaam
Subject: Question of faith
You're the most incredible, powerful, awe-inspiring Sith I've ever known. Naturally, I thought there was no way I alone could satisfy you.
That is why I planted a tracking device on you, to confirm my suspicions that I was one of many women in your life.
But forgive me, my lord. I was wrong. You remained true. I will never lose faith in you again. Please accept this gift as my tribute to your superiority.
Oddly enough, I feel slightly disappointed. I was looking forward to hunting down your other female companions. Punishing them would have been such fun.

From: Jaesa Willsaam
Subject: Question of faith
I'm still thinking about last time, when we were alone. I hunger to indulge my appetite once more. But first, I want to share a dream with you--so you, too, can share my anticipation.
In this dream, I'm a frail, helpless Padawan struggling to forge my first lightsaber. My foolish Jedi Master stands over me, unaware that a mighty Sith approaches.
You cut my Master down with your lightsaber. I turn, horrified but in awe of your incredible power. You command me to bow, and I obey.

From: Jaesa Willsaam
Subject: The joys of marriage
Being your wife is a thrill, my lord. But what good is marriage if I can't rub it in the faces of my enemies? I couldn't resist sending word of our union to House Organa. The Jedi Council, too.
House Organa was not pleased, but their reactions paled to the despair the news elicited from the Jedi Council. Imagine, their prized Padawan is now wife to the most powerful Sith in the galaxy. Pity Nomen Karr wasn't able to attend the ceremony.
If I'd remained a Jedi, none of these pleasures would be mine. Thank you, my lord, my husband

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